Maintenance and compliance management platform for facilities managers.

Octopus is a platform that helps you stay on top of maintenance and compliance across all your properties – from changing lightbulbs to full Health & Safety compliance.

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Easily monitor property maintenance in one place

Get a detailed breakdown with real-time data on maintenance, jobs and checks on all your properties.


Our experienced engineers can perform regular checks on alarms, emergency lighting and more.


Repairs, replacements or installations can all be arranged and monitored online.

Planned maintenace

Octopus helps you stay on top of maintenance, compliance and safety. Arrange and monitor planned property maintenance on everything from air conditioning to alarms and sprinkler systems.

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Octopus property maintenance
Octopus property compliance

Stay on top of property compliance

Octopus lets you relax, with peace of mind knowing your properties are safe, secure and compliant.


Our experienced engineers can provide detailed assessments for Asbestos, Health & Safety, Fire Risk, Food Hygiene, and Legionella.

With Octopus you’ll have access to the latest compliance data on your properties, 24/7. If any remedial work needs to be done we can provide a competitive quote, and you can monitor the work online.

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