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Octopus is a secure online platform for Fire Risk Assessors and those responsible for Fire Safety, to easily manage compliance with the latest UK Fire Safety legislation.

Online Fire Risk Assessment Tool for Competent Persons

Are you the competent person, responsible for fire safety and compliance at your premises? Octopus helps you complete and manage your assessment.

  • Access our online Fire Risk Assessment tool from just £5/month
  • Create a bespoke assessment for your premises
  • Manage all aspects of fire safety in one place
  • Track weekly tests, statutory maintenance, and more
  • Get access to industry experts in the fire safety and compliance sectors

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Online Fire Risk Assessment Tool for Fire Risk Assessors

Are you a qualified Fire Risk Assessor? Octopus makes it easy to complete and manage assessments across all your customers properties.

  • Easily create assessments whilst on site
  • Dramatically reduce admin and report writing time
  • Give customers the ability to update live action plans
  • Help customers stay on top of their maintenance, weekly and monthly checks
  • Generate extra revenue for every customer that uses Octopus

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Find out how Octopus can help you with fire risk assessment.

Octopus provides a comprehensive online Fire Risk Assessment form for Fire Risk Assessors, or competent persons who are responsible for Fire Safety at non-domestic, industrial, commercial and residential premises. The form helps you evaluate a property or location, identify potential fire risks, and create a list of any remedial work that needs to be done. The Risk Assessment can then be shared, updated and scheduled for regular review.

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Having evaluated a property using our comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment form, users can create a detailed Action Plan of remedial work to help compliance and reduce fire risks. The Action Plan can be shared with all parties, and updated as issues are resolved.

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Fire Risk Assessors can share their detailed Fire Risk Assesments with property owners and managers, and anyone responsible for Fire Safety at a location. Remedial work is clearly marked in an Action Plan, and assessments can be automatically scheduled so expiring or expired assessments are easy to spot.

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Fire Risk Assessments are always available in Octopus for easy access, 24/7. Alternatively, users can always export assessments as PDFs, to easily print or share with those responsible for Fire Safety at a property or location.

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